According to the most recent survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity  Prevention (APOP) 53% of adult dogs and 58% of adult cats are overweight.

In addition, almost 95%  of owners with an overweight or obese pet believed their pet  was actually at a normal weight.

Perhaps even more alarming was the finding that the number of obese pets (those at least 30 % above normal weight) continues to grow despite the fact that 93.4 % of surveyed pet owners identified pet obesity as a significant problem.

This presents a very real problem, as obese pets are at highest risk for weight related health issues.

The most common of these are:

  • shortened life expectancy
  • osteoarthritis
  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • breathing problems
  • heart and kidney disease
  • skin and hair coat problems

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons weight management programs for pets fail is that one or more members of the household is not following the recommendations.

You will have much more success if everyone in your family agrees that the program is essential for the life and health of your pet.  Each and every person must follow the recommendations regarding diet, treats, and exercise if your pet’s program is to be successful.


Let us Help you Succeed!

When designing your pet’s weight management program, we will determine a realistic weight goal and timeline. It is important to understand how long the process may take. In general, a safe goal to aim for is 1-2% of the body weight per week.  For a 50 lb dog, this would equal ½-1 pound of weight loss per week.  Since not all pets are created equal, our customized programs take into consideration your pet’s unique health circumstances and abilities before we set our goals.

In addition to decreasing calories you feed to your pet, it is important to increase the calories your pet burns as part of the weight management program.  Exercise is a great way to give your pet attention and can be a substitute for treats. Exercise will also help your pet build muscle and increases mental stimulation, taking his or her focus away from food.  Recommendations will be tailored to each individual pet, taking into account the condition of the muscles and joints, respiratory system and heart.

 Our 8-week weight management packages include the initial consultation with our  veterinarian, 3 progress visits with our licensed veterinary technician to monitor and modify the program, a customized exercise and feeding program, weekly weigh-ins visits, and a closing progress visit with our licensed veterinary technician to identify the next steps for your pet

Use of an underwater treadmill in addition to a home exercise program as part of a weight management program has been shown to increase lean muscle mass by up to 11% as compared to a home exercise program alone. This translates to increased resting metabolic rate, increased fat burning, increased weight loss and increased success.Don’t think you need that much help? We are happy to consult with you and provide a food and exercise program customized for your pet for you to follow on your own at home!