Our state of the art underwater treadmill provides a wonderful option for low impact aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy) and exercise.

Hydrotherapy using an underwater treadmill is useful in many different conditions including hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, obesity, neurological diseases, post-operative orthopedic surgeries, injury recovery and more.

The 87 degree water temperature increases blood circulation to the muscles and joints, which helps relax sore, spasming muscles, and decreases joint pain.

Other benefits of underwater treadmill therapy include increasing range of motion of joints, and improving strength and mobility. By varying the height of the water and the speed of the treadmill, we can tailor the use of the underwater treadmill for each dog’s specific condition and fitness level.

Whether your dog be a recovering post-operative orthopedic patient, an obese dog trying to lose weight, a neurological patient learning to walk again, an arthritic or geriatric dog, or a canine athlete conditioning for his/her next event, our underwater treadmill is a great tool!