K9 Conditioning Seminar at Borderhauss Kennels in Howell

By May 30, 2017Events

Looking for fun ways to keep your sport/active dog in shape? Join Dr. Mary at Borderhauss Kennels in Howell on Sunday, June 4, as she shows you how to keep your dog, fit, healthy and happy.



  • Structure and how it affects fitness: working spots will receive a limited structure evaluation

  • Specific concerns regarding repetitive movements (concussive, always turning the same way, etc) and how to balance with conditioning.

  • Proper warm ups, cool downs

  • Common injuries (psoas, CCL, soft tissues, etc.) and prevention

  • Rehabing an injury/alternative medicines

  • Q&A

For registration go to: http://www.borderhauss.com/products

Questions?  Email or call Laura at Borderhauss@gmail.com or 734-717-9083