Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) can decrease inflammation and pain, increase the rate of tissue repair and regeneration, and has been FDA approved to heal bone fractures. This painless modality can be used adjunctively with rehabilitation sessions or daily at home.

PEMF uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to jump start and accelerate normal biological cellular reactions. A small battery current is pulsed through a coil to create the electromagnetic field and initiate the biological cellular reactions. Cells contain electrically charged particles called ions that govern all cellular processes. When the body is stressed (by illness, competition, environmental factors or age) the cellular membrane that conducts the essential ions into and out of the cell becomes compromised and is unable to efficiently do its job of managing the transport of these ions. The PEMF generates a magnetic field that creates motion immediately and positively directly impacts these ions and membrane potential to stimulate them into action. The result is an increase in cellular communication and circulation, a decrease in inflammation and pain and a resulting acceleration of healing. There are no side effects seen with the use of PEMF.

Bio-Pulsed EMF Bed: The mat offers a relaxing option for your pet to get treatment. They simply lay on the mat for a few minutes, up to 60 minutes.  The mat has four large coils in it that create the magnetic field. You can feel the pulse from up to twelve inches away with a test magnet.  We often use these mats adjunctively with treatments here at the clinic but they are available to purchase from the company for at home use.

Assisi Loop: The loop offers a more direct healing option and is an FDA approved Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device (NPAID).  The loop (which comes in two sizes) is placed over the affected area for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day. We can use the loop here during treatments or it can be purchased for at home use. The loop is good for 150 uses.