Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) is a nonsurgical, painless therapy with no known side effects.

International clinical studies (of more than 35,000 patients) over a ten year period show a significant and longterm pain reduction, along with improved functionality for patients. PST reacts with the body’s own electrically controlled repair/regeneration system and can help reactivate the body’s system. PST treatment consists of 9 sessions, each approximately a half hour long. Initially sessions must be spaced 8-24 hours apart, and after 4-5 treatments the interval can be spaced up to 48 hours apart. During the treatment your pet will rest comfortably on the PST table with the affected area in the hoop with you or one of the ARF staff keeping them company. Healing, pain relief and improvement in mobility will continue for up to 12 weeks beyond treatment; therefore, symptoms may continue to improve long after a course of treatment is finished. ARF is currently the only known site in Michigan to offer this treatment option. So talk with Dr. Mary to see if PST might be able to help your pet.