Ellen & Jack

Animal Rehabilitation Facility helped us enjoy the many high-quality, pain-free months that our German Shepherd, Heidi, had at the end of her long life. She was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, including paralyzed back legs, and our regular vet suggested that we discuss putting her down, which was understandable given the situation. Friends from the Ann Arbor Dog Club told us about Dr. Mary and ARF, and Heidi was on her way to a very fun, productive adventure.

Dr. Mary Cardeccia is a very upbeat veterinarian who specializes in rehabilitative veterinary medicine, helping dogs that have temporary or permanent disabilities. She works in conjunction with the dog’s primary veterinarian. Dr. Mary gave Heidi a complete physical examination on our first visit and then suggested that we start with acupuncture and massage. By the day after acupuncture, Heidi began to perk up and to increase in dexterity. Her already-good attitude just sparkled, and she began to propel herself around, learned many modified obedience exercises, and relished learning new tricks. Subsequent sessions of acupuncture continued to be extremely effective.

Dr. Mary is a whiz at putting equipment together and helped us fit our dog wheelchair and weight-supporting harness. She is excellent with interpreting dog’s needs, motivations, and actions—things we hadn’t even thought about became obvious, once Dr. Mary explained them. The whole staff is caring and expert in their many duties.  Staff member Carla not only gave Heidi massages, she taught us how to do massage, stretches, rubs, brushing, and range of motion exercises.

We would highly recommend this facility to anyone with a dog who has any temporary or permanent challenges. We give ARF the highest possible rating.

Lorraine & Simon Eggeraat

In May, 2012 our dog Sasha could hardly walk. She had been to an orthopedic specialist where she had xrays and an MRI. She was then referred to a neurologist. He could not find anything to treat. We were told that this would be Sasha’s quality of life. Our worst fear was they would want to operate. However, my heart sunk to it’s lowest point when they said there would be no operation; nothing could be done to help her. She had a spinal problem that could not be corrected.

Then we were referred to Dr. Mary at Animal Rehabilitation Facility. She spent over an hour getting to know our Sasha, examining, measuring, all the while talking to her and us about her condition. She gave her a chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture and put her on two supplements. At this point she was taking Previcox and Tramadol daily, both of which could be harmful to her liver. It is now 5 months later. Our Sasha is alert, eager to go for walks and for anyone looking at her, she would seem to be a perfectly normal dog. She is almost off the prescription drugs. She only needs treatments every six weeks now and her quality of life is excellent. The first time I opened the door and our Sasha came running in, I thought I would cry. I never expected her to run again. Dr. Mary and her staff are a pleasure to deal with and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us!

Melissa P.

Brighton, MI

Dr. Mary is one of the most caring, results-oriented people I have ever met. She has gone the extra mile to become an expert in many non-traditional veterinary practices. She truly wants to help our pets be more comfortable, healthy and happy. I have never met another veterinary professional who exhibits greater love for her patients and concern for their humans.

Angie H.

Milan, MI

Dr. Mary has provided care for my Goldens at the Animal Rehabilitation Facility. She is informative when I ask questions and gentle with my dogs. I highly recommend her and her services.

Thomas W.

Commerce Township, MI

Dr. Cardeccia has provided pet healthcare for both our dog and our cat. She has shown the ability to make a connection with animals through a true love for their well being. Dr. Cardeccia combines multiple healthcare disciplines that provide relief for current healthcare issues and effectively manages a proactive approach to the long term health of your pets.

Pat Carpenter

Schutzhund and AKC Obedience competitor and trainer Companion Dog Training Club and Blue Water Working Dogs

Dr. Mary was recommended to me by many of my doggie friends in response to a mass email I sent out asking for help. I had taken my wonderful dog, Macho, to my regular vet, then a specialist he recommended, and then another, and yet another, spending thousands of dollars with no real diagnosis or ideas to help him. My special boy was sick and no one could find the cause or cure.  Mary just looked at him and tested for something no one else had ever mentioned, we treated him, and we were given several more wonderful months. Mary was supportive, consulting with other veterinarians all over the country about my dog, returning calls and emails promptly, helping with medications and diet, but most importantly, she truly cared and him, and me. Finances don’t seem to be the motivating factor in her work or their treatment.

She is a kind, compassionate person who wants to help animals, and she understands the intense bond we have with our dogs more than anyone I have ever met. I have already referred several of my friends to Dr. Mary and will continue to do so.

Peter & Susan

Canton, MI

Dr. Mary is a very compassionate person who loves animals. She did a thorough manual exam of Hannah before recommending a treatment plan. She is very gentle with our dogs and works to gain their confidence before doing an [chiropractic] adjustment. She talks quietly with each dog during their adjustment which helps them stay calm. Mary is very supportive of us, listening to our concerns, answering all of our questions and helping us make the right decisions for each dog.

We consider Dr Mary Cardeccia an important part of the wellness program for our dogs and we would recommend her to anyone seeking this kind of help for their animal.